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An opinion letter on the World Heritage Registration of Yanbaru area


Together with CONFE, a nationwide NGO for the conservation of the forest ecosystem,

Yanbaru Dongrees, environmental NGO for the conservation of Yanbaru, formally

announced an opinion letter in Japanese and English on the deforestation issue.




Congress Declaration of The 33rd Japan Environmental Council (JEC) Congress


Congress Declaration of The 33rd Japan Environmental Council (JEC) Congress



A written opinion against a plan for National Park of Yanbaru


Japanese Ministry of Environment has announced a plan to designate Yanbaru, the northern forest area, as National Park.

Yanbaru Dongrees, an environmental protection group where the co-representitives are an

attorney Jinen Kita and Asako Akamine from our law office, has made public the written opinion to point out

some questions on this problematic government plan. This opinion was prepared with

CONFE, the Conservation Network for Forest Ecosystem in Japan, a nationwide NGO.

We have sent the written opinion to related institutions such as Ministry of Environment, Okinawa

Prefectural Office and municipal govenments.


The written opinion is as follows:


Please see the following newspaper article in English:

Environmental groups say plan for Yambaru National Park conservation area falls short March 24, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo







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