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Practice Areas

・International Affairs and Foreigner Cases

International transactions, international family cases, visa and foreign worker issues, etc.


・Compensation for Damages

Traffic accidents, medical malpractice, pain and suffering, etc.



Excessive interest claims, bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, voluntary liquidation, etc.



Legacy division, wills, statutory minimum share claims, etc.



Dismissal, unpaid wages, worker’s compensation, harassment, etc.


・Domestic Relations

Divorce, child support, marital property management and support obligations, child custody issues, adult guardianship, etc.



Claims regarding sales, loans, or performance contracts, advice in drafting contracts, legal advice for businesses, etc.


・Real Estate

Dealings in real estate, land and building leases, condominium disputes, architectural and construction disputes, property boundary disputes, etc.


・Environmental Cases


・Administrative Cases, Citizen’s Suit


・Criminal and Juvenile Cases

Counsel for defendants, victims, and related parties.







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